Feingold '08

I love this man
Feingold '08: The National Review "Endorses" Senator Feingold


Silly Canuk's

What will those crazy Canadians do next???


WU Orleans

Great Mashup of dixie swing and the WTC
Check out When the Meth comes marching in

The Yes Men Strike Again

The Yes Men take over a HUD presentation in NO


Don't get your stewardass kicked next flight

Kung Fu Air

Feingold gets it

Please elect more people like Russ

Sconnie Tailgate pride

There is a great journal entry about a crazy Wisco tailgating weekend


Segways are for chumps

I really want one of these things

Katrina, 1 year later

Think Progress has an excellent timeline of what has/hasn't happened 1 year later.



This is a freaky bitch, click on her and drop acid. . . now

Seattle and Oak Brook take over the world

McDee's and The Buck are really taking over the planet


When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself

Milwaukee rounds out the top of the important surveys in Forbes


Open Letter's are funny

This guy gives Bill a piece of his mind


Die Walmart, Die

On no, now Walmart is going to have to cut back employee benefits.


Jimmy Kimmel is funny, I forgot

Kimmel has this over bleepin' habit that is 40 minutes of fun


I hate this haiyarmpitfuker so much. . .

Karl Rove can rot in a special place in hell


Terrorism response, Ze style

Ze strikes again with a measured, thoughtful, and searing commentary on the foiled plot at LHR.

the show with zefrank


We do not torture

But if we did, let's just make sure it is retro-actively legal

Beards (not the Rosie O'Donnel kind)

The Championship is back


Word of the day - Pajamahadeen

definition: liberal bloggers bent on destroying America/Joe Lieberman
via: Crazy Chris Mathews on Hardball


Fuck Pop, Soda 4Life

I like how eastern wisco is the hold out in a sea of pop.

AOL is retarded (not in the good sense that the kids today use)

What kind of world does AOL live in?? How could something like this actually get published? Class action law suite anyone??? I know the gay black overbite guy is in!

update: here are some more data mined fun stuff
update2: This is the scariest user so far
update3: Gay black man w/ overbite



This kid is the AK47 assain


The Onion on Mel

The Onion does another great mashup of world events

Total eclipse of the heart (appliance mayhem style)

These guys are the most German and destructive cover band ever!!!!!


Jeopardy Blog

Ken Jennings, the super jeopardy champ, has his own blog that I have been following and is really pretty randomly good.

Japan TV is nutty(hehe nutty)

These people did not know that it was a tongue twisting ball whacking contest

Stupid high criminals

Babbling naked man draws police to pot farm, ignores pepper spray. Mmmmm... pepper spray