Lil O'riley


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Holy Palin

This is 9 minutes of must see/not see. These are the stakes:

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.


I wish Bush was Actually like This

Wouldn't it be nice if he had a brain and grew a pair?


All Drug Olympics

This was seriously one of my favorite clips from SNL. I even had the quicktime off of compuserve in the mid 90's.


The Hillary guy is back and flaminger than ever

I am so glad this will be over today


Weezer is the best at what they do, rock.

Is there any other rock and roll band that turns out as many instant classics? Leave a comment if you dare.

UPDATE 6/3/08
Tay Unplugged


My sister was .000013 of this crowd

Big ups Kay!!


Bill-O Has a Propter Moment

Stay Classy


We Do Not Torture Part . . I can't even keep track any more and frankly this is getting old/depressing

The FBI Dir. Mueller had a really bad day on the Hill this week. This is getting silly at this point. It is becoming tongue in cheek. Mueller even says after the we do not torture line, "let me put it this way." Like we should take it the bullshit way and not the way it is?
At Least Wexler has got a pair.




Punch Out 1995

This is a great piece


Flickr has Vids!!

Good God this is the next coming i can tell.


All things Zach G

In my continuing mission to display all things Galifianakis, here is a commissioned film from Absolute Vodka with Tim and Eric.


Barack Obama-sistible

Best Campaign video ever


This week in Bigotry: High Office edition

I felt a little bad about that last post and do not want to offend my gay brothers and sisters. So let's lambaste this homophobe, Sally Kern (R-OK), who. . . you guessed it has a gay son!!! I'm she did the right thing and retracted her statements and embraced her flesh and blood, or disowned him. Guess which one?

And Wanda Sykes response:


HRC's fabulous supporters


My crabby ass @ the F1 challenge

This last weekend I participated in the F1 website challenge in St. Paul, MN. It was a project to build a website in 24 hours for various non-profits in the area and 11 teams competed. We did not win, but this video makes it all worth it.


Microsoft you Bastards

I don't want to hear that the software was made before he was a phenom. I don't care that this correction probable makes sense, or is even unintentional.
Why would you make such a scurrilous claim Microsoft, WHY.
I am switching to Apple.


I love cartoons

Sponge Bob SP and crew re-dubing 3 classics


Quantum Mario

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